Setting up an affiliate program for a campaign.

For Growth(Professional)and Scale(Premium) Vendor plans.

Vendors can enable and set up an affiliate program for a campaign and the products and sales funnels related to the campaign.

To enable and set up an affiliate program for a campaign, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1:

Locate the campaign you want to enable the affiliate program for and access the campaigns settings.

Proceed to Campaigns and select the Edit button (blue pencil button) for a Campaign which you would like to have an Affiliate Program for.

Next,  scroll down to the Affiliate Program section and click Enable.

Step 2:

Enter the following settings to set up the affiliate program for the campaign.

  • Show Campaign on Affiliate request Page:
    This option will allow this campaign to show on the affiliate request page for other campaigns, so if you have multiple campaigns the affiliate can signup for, they can see them as well.
  • Fraud Protection(IP Match):
    This option allows vendors to block commissions for an affiliate if the customer purchase and the affiliate share the same IP address.
  • Affiliate Request Page URL:
    This is the URL used to invite affiliates to promote the campaign. This link will also be visible from the main campaign section.
  • Affiliate Program Page URL(Optional):
    If you have a web page you have created for your affiliate program that has details about your program, you can add the URL here so affiliates can access the page from various locations in their account such as the affiliate links and marketing sections.

    • Affiliate request pages.
    • Affiliate links section.
    • Affiliate marketing section.
  • Commission Settings:
    These fields are used to set the commission percentage an affiliate will make of a product sold from the related campaign. This is the general campaign commission percentages, but these can also be overridden at the product level if needed.

    • Tier 1: Commission for an affiliate that shared their link with a customer to purchase. You can set a commission for the first charge and rebill charges if you have them.
    • Tier 2: Commission for the affiliate that shared their 2nd tier signup link with a new affiliate, then the affiliate made a sales using their first-tier link. 2nd tier affiliates can earn commissions from sales made by their refereed affiliate if you add a commission for 2nd tier.
    • Vendors have the ability to set a commission percentage for 1st and 2nd tier affiliates for the 1st initial sales and rebills. Optionaly, if the product is related to subscription product with a trial, vendors can also set the commission percentage for the first paid billing transaction after the trial via the specific product settings if needed.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment gateway fees are NOT deducted or factored into the calculation for commissions in any way. EX: If the product is $100 and the commission percent is 50%, the affiliate would receive $50.


  • Affiliate Page URL(Optional):  If you would like affiliates 2nd tier affiliate signup link to direct to a custom page, you can add the URL here.

"show in Marketplace". This option allows you to show the campaign in the affiliate marketplace if you would like.  This setting is optional, if you do not want to list your campaign in the affiliate marketplace, leave this option disabled.

After setting up the options for the campaign, save the campaign via the top right of the page.

Step 3:

After saving the campaign settings for your affiliate program, you want to make sure you have your products created and related sales funnels created.

Affiliates will automatically be provided affiliate links to the sales funnel related to the campaign, so you want to check your sales funnels settings to ensure at least 1 sales funnel is approved for affiliates to use.

To learn more about setting up a sales funnel, please see:

After setting a sales funnel for all or selected affiliates, the affiliates of the related campaign would have access to a related affiliate link to share with customers for the sales funnel. If a customer purchases using the affilaites link, then that affiliate will be credited for the sale.


Vendors also have the option to add affiliates to an integrated email autoresponder mailing list upon approving the affiliate for the related campaign. 

If you would like to enable this setting, go to the related campaign settings and enable the email integration in the affiliate settings for the related campaign. 

Ensure that you have already integrated with an Autoresponder platform

Then select the platform service, email account and the related mailing list you want to add affiliates to. 

Optionally, you can add or remove tags if your autoresponder supports this ability.


Step 5: Sharing your affiliate request link

After you have enabled the affiliate program for a campaign and are ready to invite affiliates, you can go back to the main campaign section and copy the campaign affiliate request URL to share ith new affiliate to request to promote your campaign.

Each campaign will have a specific request URL to request to promote that campaign.

Learn more about handling affiliate requests here:





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