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How to submit a DMCA infringement report.

At PayKickstart we take copyright claims very seriously and in accordance and pursuant of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and PayKickstart’s Copyright Infringement Policy, which can be found at https://paykickstart.com/terms-of-use/ , PayKickstart agrees to investigate all legitimate DMCA infringement claims in order to assist with possible resolutions between the reporter and suspected Paykickstart vendor.

We recommend reaching out to the offending vendor and their support team primarily to request immediate product(s) and/or content removal. Often, this can be quickly resolved between the parties by communicating the issue. In case the vendor or their support team has not taken action related to your request, please follow the steps below to file a DMCA complaint. 

To determine if your claim applies to PayKickstart please check if the below statements apply to your copyright claim: 

  • A product that belongs to you is being sold and/or provided via PayKickstart without your permission.
  • Your sales pages are being linked to PayKickstart without your permission. 
  • Your copyrighted content is being hosted or made available on PayKickstart without your approval. 
  • A PayKickstart Vendor has violated your copyright claim by selling products, product names, content, or otherwise related material via PayKickstart. 

Please note that if the content or product is not part of or associated with PayKickstart, the copyright claim may not apply to PayKickstart.  In such a case, we recommend submitting a DMCA Takedown Notice to the service hosting the content or product directly as well.

If you believe a Paykickstart vendor is selling your copyrighted product or service without your expressed consent, you can submit a formal DMCA complaint by accessing the form below:

Updated on December 17, 2021

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