Setting up a Sales Funnel

PayKickstart Sales funnels work in a downward flow of the customer purchasing the main product, then being offered up/downsell products based on their purchase or denial of the previous upsell product.

Sales funnels can be as simple as 1 main product or have many up/downsells.

Customers will purchase the main product from your site, then be sent to the product landing page(website page) for the next upsell product in the funnel.

The customer can then purchase the upsell and be sent to the next upsell or they can deny a purchase and be sent to a downsell.

If you do not want to offer an upsell or downsell on a specific level of the funnel, leave that section blank. If the customer reaches that specific section with no set product, they will be sent to the thank you page and complete the sales funnel.

After the customer completes their path in the sales funnel, the customer will reach the thank you page.

Below is a video and additional tips to help your set up your sales funnels.

Helpful Tips:

Updated on March 29, 2022

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