How to Handle Affiliate Commission Payouts

For Growth(Professional) and Scale(Premium) vendors. 

PayKickstart offers vendors easy ways to pay out affilaites automatically and manually for their related sales commissions.

Below is a list of different commission payout types:

Instant Payouts: PAYPAL ONLY

Instant payouts occur if all below apply:

  • The customer purchased via PayPal
  • The vendor has approved the affiliate for instant commissions.
  • The affiliate has enabled to receive commissions via PayPal and also enabled instant commissions for their PayPal account.
  • The affiliate added their PayPal account AND approved instant commissions PRIOR to the referred sale being processed.

Instant commission payouts will process instantly and can be viewed in the history section:

Automated Payouts: PAYPAL ONLY

Automated Payouts occur if all below apply:

  • The customer purchased via PayPal.
  • The affiliate has PayPal enabled to receive commissions.
  • The affiliate is set to delayed by the vendor.

Manual Payouts:

Manual payouts occur if any of these apply:

  • The customer purchased via another payment gateway other than PayPal.
  • The affiliate is using a commission payment method other than PayPal.
  • The affiliate did not add their PayPal account prior to the referred sale being processed.


  • PayKickstart has a number of fraud detection features built-in to minimize the chances of fraudulent commissions.  However, as a rule of thumb, it's important to always be mindful of the affiliates promoting your campaigns and to monitor the commissions on a regular basis, looking for anything that seems suspicious or unusual - especially before paying out commissions.
  • All affiliate commissions will be in USD, even if your product is using another currency.

After an affiliate commission has been marked approved and processed for a transaction, vendors can view the related transaction to see a timestamp of the affiliate commission payout. 

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