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What Does it Mean to “Verify” an Affiliate?

PayKickstart allows you (the vendor) to mark an affiliate as “verified”.  While this feature is optional, many vendors like to verify that the tax information (and any other relevant information they need from an affiliate) is verified and accurate.

Verifying an affiliate will allow you to easily see which have been verified by your team/company.

It will look like this on the main Affiliates page.

In the affiliates section, you will click on the pencil icon on the right to access the affiliates profile.

Next click “Verify” or “Unverify”.

Then Save.

After verifying the affiliate, you will see a green thumbs up signifying the affiliate is verified on the main affiliates page.

When you are paying out affiliate commissions from the Affiliate >> Payouts area, you can filter by “Verified” affiliates, so that you only pay out commissions of whom you have verified.

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