What is the Difference Between Instant vs Delayed Payments?

Instant Affiliate Payment happens immediately at the time of sale.  This feature is only available for sales when Paypal is used as the payment gateway.


  • Affiliates must grant PayKickstart permission to their Paypal account.  This allows PayKickstart to automatically deduct commissions if a refund is made on the sale.
  • Vendors must also approve the affiliate for instant PayPal commissions.

Delayed(manual) Affiliate Payment is exactly that.  The commission payout is not sent to the affiliate until after a specified time period set by the Vendor.  This could be for the duration of the refund period or whenever they deem the affiliates are trustworthy.

Delayed payments are used for all transaction types except PayPal at this time.

IMPORTANT Note to Vendors:  We HIGHLY recommend using the “Delayed” setting if you do not already have a previous, close relationship with the affiliate who is requesting to promote your product.  By delaying commissions you are increasing the protection for your business and your Paypal account.

Affiliate Commission – Status Explanation:

  • Paid = Have already been paid to the affiliate
  • Delayed = Have been credited to the affiliate, but not paid out.  Affiliates put on delayed commissions and customer using Paypal to purchase.
  • Manual = Have been credited to the affiliate, but not paid out.  Affiliates put on instant or delayed commissions and customer using a non-paypal form of payment (credit card)

Note: Each vendor is responsible for releasing any delayed/pending commissions to their affiliates.  Most vendors pay these commissions out after the refund period.  If you have any questions, please contact the vendor directly.

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