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Why is my traffic not tracking in Paykickstart?

There are a few different reasons you may not see your traffic tracking in your PayKickstart account. If you are having issues with traffic tracking please see the following common causes:

1. Your landing URLs are not properly defined in your Paykickstart product settings, funnel override settings, or affiliate funnel override settings. If your funnel is not verifying properly, it is likely that the tracking script is unable to match the URL to a defined Landing Page URL, or locate the checkout link or form belonging to the funnel on the specific Landing Page URL for each product.

2. Improper use of the “ignore query string” option on the tracking script where it needs to be enabled / disabled. Rule of thumb is if your landing pages defined in Paykickstart have a “?” in the URL, then leave this disabled, otherwise enable it.

3. If the tracking script has not been properly installed on any of your funnel’s landing URLs.

4. If an affiliate creates a custom tracking link and sets the destination URL to go directly to the checkout page, then this will cause checkout impressions to increase, but not your vendor landing page impressions, since it was bypassed (also a possibility as to why your checkout page has higher impressions, although points 1 and 2 can also be responsible for that).

5. If the affiliate sets the destination URL to any other URL that’s not a vendor landing page, then those visits will not be tracked on the vendor’s reports.

6. If you use the Paykickstart API at all, then this will also potentially skew your metrics as the sale created via an API call cannot be attributed to a specific visit

7. If you create manual transactions from inside of the Paykickstart UI, then it too cannot be attributed to a specific funnel.

8. Your Campaign may be in Test Mode, to track traffic stats, the Campaign would need to be set to Active mode.

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