Utility Logs

Your PayKickstart account(vendor plans) has Transaction Events, Subscription Events, Lead Events and Activity Logs and Analytic logs.

Events logs were designed to help confirm that each customer has received all emails and integrated services are firing and delivering correctly.

These events checks include things like…

  • Membership Account Creation
  • Product Changes
  • Campaign changes
  • Webinar Registration
  • Email Notifications (Transactional)
  • Email Service Integration
  • Fulfillment
  • Activity logs
  • Integration changes
  • Coupons
  • And Many More!

Access Your Utility Logs

These Logs can be found on the vendor navigation under "Utilities" >> "Logs".

Transaction Events

For Transaction Events, you will notice colored circles under "Status" 

Green: All events were successful without issues.

Yellow: There was an issue with a related event and the transaction. The event may be ongoing or resolved.

Red: There was an issue with a related event and PayKickstart stopped attempting retries.

If you click on the blue edit icon, it will show you each of the events and whether it was successful or failed.  From there you can see exactly what the error was and retry the event and attempt to resend it to the customer.


You will also be able to see all email logs related to the transactions if needed.

Via the email logs you can view the email sent to the customer and also retry the email if needed.

Subscription Events

For Subscription Events, it will show a timestamp and description of the event.

You can also see emails related to subscription events and send them to the customer again if needed.


Lead Events

Lead events show integration and other events related to lead transactions.

If you click on the blue edit icon, it will show you each of the events similar to the normal transaction event, but related to lead transactions

Activity Log

The Activity Logs is a way to monitor internal changes and updates within your account - monitoring any changes to Campaigns, Products, Funnels, integrations and more.

This is great for checks and balances, as well as holding specific users accountable for any changes or updates within your PayKickstart account.

If you want to inspect more about certain activity logs, click the magnifying glass next to the change title.

Analytic Integration Events

The Analytic integration event logs section will show the customer, transaction id and type, timestamp of the analytic integration event and the related integration.

If you have questions or need help with your utility logs, you can contact us at Support@PayKickstart.com

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