Creating a Coupon

Adding a coupon or discount code is easy.


  • IF using the "Amount" option and the amount set is more than the purchase price, the coupon will not be applied.
  • Coupons will not discount order bump puchases.
  • Coupons will not discount products being used as 1-click upsell products in a funnel.
  • At this time, a coupon can be associated to one campaign and all the products in the campaign. We are working on an option to use coupons with multiple campaigns and will release this ability during a future update.
  • The Time Zone in your My Profile section will be used for the Start and End Date Time.

Step 1:

In your vendor account dashboard click on Configure >> Coupons

Step 2:

Click on "Create Coupon".

Step 3:

Enter the needed information to create your coupon.

Campaign: The campaign the coupon will be related to. (1 campaign per coupon)

Product(s): Select the product(s) from the campaign you want to associate the coupon with.

Name: Name of your coupon. For vendor reference.

Max allowed redemption: Total number of times the coupon can be used by all customers.

Coupon settings: You can set a discount for a percentage of the product price OR a specific amount off the product price.

Apply To: Set which charges the coupon can apply for. You can select multiple "apply to" options for the coupon if needed.

  • First Charge(Excluding split-pay): This option will discount the customer's initial purchase, including a paid trial, but will NOT apply to the first split pay charge.
  • First Charge: This option will discount the customer's initial purchase, including a paid trial and the first split-pay charge.
  • Rebills: This option will apply the coupon only to rebill transactions. This option does NOT include split payments.
  • Split-payments: This option will apply the coupon discount to all the split pay charges.

Customer Discount Code: The exact coupon code customers will use to apply the discount.

Discount Price/Percentage: The price or percentage amount that will be discounted.

Start Date: The date and time you want to start allowing use of the coupon. The start date and time MUST be in the past in order to show the coupon field on the checkout.

End Date(Optional): Date and time you want to end the ability for customers to use the coupon. If you do not want to end the coupon, leave this field blank.

After setting up the coupon click "Create"

Once your coupon code is active, your checkout page will now have a “Enter Coupon” field that will allow the customer to enter their coupon code and apply the discount you specified.

Via the transaction section you can view transactions that used a coupon.

Transaction exports will also contain the coupon used for the related transaction.

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