Creating a Coupon

Adding a coupon or discount code is easy.

First, click on Campaigns >> Coupons

Second, click on “New Coupon”.

When the modal displays, select the Campaigns and Product(s) of which the coupon should apply to.  Give the coupon a name for display purposes, then set if you want the coupon to be a Percentage or Flat-Amount off the product price.  Then choose if you want the coupon to apply one-time or recurring (for subscriptions only).

Then give the discount code a unique code that the customer will use at checkout.  Enter the percentage or price that will discount from the normal product price.

Optionally you can choose a start and end date that the coupon will be active.  You can also choose if you want the code to apply to the first transaction/charge, future rebills or all transactions.

Once your coupon code is active, your checkout page will now have a “Enter Coupon” button on it, that will allow the customer to enter their coupon code and apply the discount you specified.

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