Slack Integration

PayKickstart vendors can connect with Slack to send messages to Slack based on action trigger events for related products.

Step 1:

Go to Configure and choose the Integration section → Misc, click the “Add integration“ button and select “Slack“ and enter a slack integration display name(for your identification purposes).

Then, click “Connect“. You will be redirected to a Slack page.(see #2)

Step 2:

Please enter your Slack workspace where you want to receive Slack notifications and click “Continue”.

 You will be redirected to the Slack page to Login to your Slack workspace. (see #3)

Step 3:

Please enter your login credentials for your Slack workspace and click Sign in.

Step 4:

Please click “Allow” if you agree with everything -

After this, you will see a successfully connected Slack service in your PayKickstart integration section

You have now integrated Slack at the platform level and can now set up specific product integrations.

Step 5:

Once you’ve connected at the platform level, you’ll need to go to ‘Campaigns’ on the left sidebar of your dashboard. Here, you’ll see your campaigns listed. Choose the PRODUCT that you want to integrate Slack with and select “edit product settings“.

In the Product settings, select Step 3 (Integrations) to open up your integration information.

Enable Slack and select the Slack account.

Step 6:

Now, click on the “Add“ button. A modal window will open to select a channel and event.

Channel - is the channel in your slack workplace which the Slack Notification will deliver depending on which event is chosen.

Event - this is the type of PayKickStart event.

After choosing, click “Add“ and you will see the connected new Slack Notification for the product.
You can now save the product settings.
If you have another event you can click the green "Add" button and repeat step 5 & 6.


Example Slack notification if event – “New Sale”

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