Cart Abandonment Features


PayKickstart offers vendors built-in cart abandonment features for their products.

Once a customer reaches your checkout, enters at least their email or phone number and leaves the checkout without purchasing within 10 minutes, then the cart abandonment feature is triggered.

If the potential customer enters at least their email or phone number and does not purchase, PayKcikstart will add a new cart abandonment record in the leads section.


The potential customer will also be sent a cart abandonment email to complete their purchase.
You can control this abandonment email description via the notification section.


If you want to completely disable this PK cart abandonment email you can do so via each campaign settings.


Vendors also have the ability to add customers to an email marketing mailing list based on the cart abandonment trigger if they would like.


Locate a product you have an email integration set up with and go to product settings(section 3 – integrations)

Locate the email integration section and the “Cart Abandonment” trigger and enable it.

You can then select your email list and add/remove tags if applicable with your email platform integration.

Customers will then be added to your email lists after they trigger the cart abandonment feature.

NOTE: If the customer has previously purchased the related product, the cart abandonment feature will not be triggered for the customer again. 

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