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Integrating Coinbase Commerce

Vendors can integrate Coinbase Commerce with their PayKickstart accounts to accept customer payments for products in a selected campaign.

Note:  You can integrate multiple Coinbase accounts within your single PayKickstart account to allow the use of different Coinbase accounts with different campaigns.

Step 1: In the Configure menu select Integrations.

Access the Payment tab and select “Add a payment gateway“.

Step 2: A Pop-up will appear.

Select Coinbase from the list of Payment Gateways.

Set an Account Name for display purposes within your PayKickstart account to use as a reference.

Select the Base Currency you are using within your Campaign for your products.

Enter your API key related to your Coinbase Commerce account.
More about obtaining the API key can be found at: https://help.coinbase.com/en/cloud/api/commerce/key-creation

To be able to connect your account you will need to add PayKickstart’s endpoint to your Coinbase account.

The endpoint’s URL is: https://app.paykickstart.com/coinbase-webhooks

To do so, access your Coinbase Commerce account, then access the Settings section located within your profile’s dropdown menu, then choose to manage Notifications:

Once you have added the endpoint, return to your PayKickstart account and enter the API key related to your Coinbase commerce account, then click on Connect.

Step 3: In the Campaigns section, choose the option to edit the Campaign you wish to use Coinbase with.

Step 4: Enable the Crypto option, set your Base Currency, and select your integrated Coinbase account in the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Save the Campaign settings at the top of the page:

That’s it.  You’re done integrating Coinbase with your vendor account.

Customers can now purchase products in this campaign via Coinbase or their cryptocurrency wallet.

Please Note

1-Click Upsells will not function with Coinbase purchases, the customers would need to enter their Coinbase details to purchase the next upsell product.

Coinbase purchases require charge confirmations on the customer’s side.

Customers can confirm their First Charge during the first hour of purchasing the product.

Any Rebill Charge can be confirmed for the duration of 1 day.

If a customer does not confirm the charge, the transactions will fail.

In case their transaction is part of the subscription, the dunning sequence you have set in place would still occur until they confirm their next charge or the subscription ultimately cancels.

Updated on February 21, 2023

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