Integrating Stripe to Accept Payments

Vendors can integrate Stripe with their PayKickstart accounts to accept customer payments for products in a selected campaign.

Note You can integrate multiple Stripe accounts within your single PayKickstart account to allow the use of different Stripe accounts with different campaigns.

Step 1:

In the Configure menu select Integrations.

Step 2:  Go to the payment integrations tab and select “Add a payment gateway“.

Step 3: A Pop-up will appear.

  • Select Stripe from the list of Payment Gateways.
  • Set an account display name for the account to use as reference.
  • Select the base currency the customer payments are sent to you as.
  • 3ds: If you are an EU vendor selling to EU customers you will need to enable this option. Learn more about SCA and 3ds here.


Step 4:  Click Connect.

After clicking Connect, you will be taken to the Stripe Authorization page, where you will need to login to your Stripe account.  If you do not have a Stripe account, you will need to create one (it’s free to set up).


Step 5:   Grant Permission for Stripe. 


Step 6:

The next step will be Enabling Stripe for campaigns if you choose to take Stripe as a payment option for those particular products in the campaign.

Select the specific campaign settings

Enable Stripe and select the specific Stripe account.

Step 7: Save the campaign settings.


That’s it.  You’re done integrating with Stripe with your vendor account. Customers can now purchase products in this campaign via credit card.


If you would also like to allow customers to purchase via a bank transfer, please see our ACH & SEPA integration articles:



Note Due to Stripe’s security requirement to use “Stripe Connect” for integration with your Stripe account and PayKickstart, you will need to use the built-in PayKickstart Test Mode to test your transactions.  Stripe test keys and test cards will not work.

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