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How to Test Your Funnel Before Going Live: Test Mode

We have created a “Test Mode” feature that can be found on your Campaigns dashboard.

Test mode can be enabled by going to the Campaigns Area and selecting Test Mode from the Campaign Status column.

Once test mode is enabled you can run test transactions using the landing page buttons or via the funnel checkout links without the fear of processing a payment. All other integrations attached to the campaign will still trigger for testing purposes.

After you go through the checkout page submission, you will see the Test transactions here…

When in test mode, we do not record test transactions as part of your live sales or traffic stats.

We will send IPN notifications to all 3rd parties to create things like Membership accounts, register customers for webinars, add customers to your email list, etc…

When you are happy with the results, simply enable the Active status for the campaign to return to actively processing transactions.

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