Creating custom integrations with PayKickstart.

PayKickstart offers many different native integrations with popular platforms, but there may be times we do not currently support an integration with a platform you as a vendor would like to connect with.

Vendors have the following options to create their own custom integrations with PayKickstart and 3rd party platforms to send data from PayKickstart to the 3rd party platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom integrations are not applicable for payment gateways as we must first ensure payment gateways meet our security standards before integrating with them.

IPN: For all vendor plans

The PayKickstart IPN (also called webhooks) allows vendors to send instant payment notification posts relating to customer purchases to 3rd party platforms.

This option is useful if you would like to send customer purchase related data to another platform so the platform can use the data for your needs.

You can learn more about using product IPNs here:

Zapier: For Growth and Scale vendor plans

Zapier is a private company that made it easier for people without coding knowledge to still use API's via their user friendly platform.  This works by connecting both platforms to Zapier and creating an "if this than that" type of sequence.

PayKickstart's integration with Zapier allows you to send customer data based on action triggers within PayKickstart to another platform that also has a Zapier connection.

PayKickstart does not currently receive information from Zapier, only Post to Zapier.

If you are not a developer or don't have one on staff to help make a custom integration, Zapier will be your best choice.

To learn more about the Zapier integration, click here:

API: For Growth and Scale vendor plans

The PayKickstart API(Application Programming Interface) is a developer tool used to communicate between platforms to send data and trigger specific tasks. PayKickstart's API works around customer transactions and subscriptions.

This option will require knowledge of web development as well as API's

To learn more about the PayKickstart API, click here:

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