How To Reconnect Chartmogul to Sync All Data

Sometimes vendors need to reconnect and re-sync their Chartmogul integration and data for various reasons. If you have been advised by our support team or just need to re-sync your Chartmogul integration, please follow the instructions below. After connecting the new Chartmogul integration and the syncronization completes, PK data will […]

Cart Abandonment Features

PayKickstart offers vendors built-in cart abandonment features for their products. Once a customer reaches your checkout, enters at least their email or phone number and leaves the checkout without purchasing within 10 minutes, then the cart abandonment feature is triggered. If the potential customer enters at least their email or […]

Vendor Email Notification Types

PayKickstart vendors have the ability to send transactions related emails to Affiliates, Customers and themselves. These email notifications can be viewed and edited in the notification section. To learn more about editing transactional emails, click here. Below is a list of all current editable email notification types and the actions […]

Integrating with Segmate

With the SegMate integration, vendors can integrate with Fan pages to add various types of messenger bots to their PayKickstart checkouts. To learn more about SegMate click here. After saving the settings above your product checkout will now be ready to use the SegMate messenger integration. You can repeat these […]

Creating custom integrations with PayKickstart.

PayKickstart offers many different native integrations with popular platforms, but there may be times we do not currently support an integration with a platform you as a vendor would like to connect with. Vendors have the following options to create their own custom integrations with PayKickstart and 3rd party platforms […]

Reactivate Subscription

Example Request Example Response This POST request reactivates a canceled subscription ARGUMENTS invoice_id The unique Paykickstart purchase ID auth_token The Paykickstart vendor’s API Key date Set the next billing date(unix timestamp).This field is required.

Why can’t affiliates see their links?

If you as the vendor or an affiliate is not able to see an affiliate link, please check the common reasons below: Vendor account has a basic plan or is canceled: Only Professional and Premium vendors plans have access to affiliate management features. If the vendor plan is downgraded to […]

Adding video to checkout pages

Vendors have the ability to embed videos via the template editor for the first 13 1-step checkout templates. Gray through Chill templates. Inside the template editor will be a video option to embed the video to the checkout page via iframe.