Facebook Conversion API Integration

Vendors have the ability to connect Facebook Purchase conversion pixels to our Facebook Conversion API integration to send related purchase data to Facebook pixel reporting once the customer makes a purchase. Follow the instructions below to connect your FB ad/pixel account and trigger data events to send when a customer […]

Pausing Subscriptions

There are various reasons vendors and customers may want to pause a recurring subscription rather than fully cancel. Below are instructions to allow vendors to manually pause subscriptions as well as enable billing portal self-serve options to pause billing as well. Paused Subscriptions will show in your Subscriptions dashboard with a filter […]

Add a Credit to a Subscription

Vendors have the ability to add a credit amount to existing subscriptions if needed. This is useful when vendors want to offer some type of discount/credit, but don’t want to change the customer billing date. Simply add a credit to the customers subscription to be used on future billing till […]

Integrating with FreshWorks CRM

Vendors using FreshWorks CRM can integrate with PayKickstart to add and move opportunities(deals) to specific pipelines and stages. To integrate with FreshWorks CRM, follow the instructions below. Step 1: Via PK, go to Integrations >> CRM and select FreshWorks CRM Click Add Other Services. Then select Freshworks CRM. Step 2:  […]

Integrating Apple Pay

Available with Premium, Growth, Scale, and Enterprise vendor plans Paykickstart vendors can easily enable Apple Pay as a payment method for customer purchases by following the steps below. ADDITIONAL NOTES: At this time, Apple Pay ONLY works via Stripe integrations, we will be expanding to other payment gateways later. Apple […]

Hiding PK footer on default thank you page

Vendors using the default PK thank you pages can use the following CSS code to hide the PK footer on the thank you page if needed. Go to the related sales funnel. Ensure the default thank you page is enabled. Add the following CSS code to the “Tracking Pixel “section […]

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