How to reconnect Profitwell to sync all data

Sometimes vendors need to re-sync their Profitwell integration and data for various reasons. If you have been advised by our support team or just need to re-sync your Profitwell integration, please follow the instructions below. Step 1: Login to your PayKickstart account and go to the Integrations section:   […]

Subscriptions Usage

Example Request Example Response This POST request reactivates a canceled subscription ARGUMENTS invoice_id The unique Paykickstart purchase ID auth_token The Paykickstart vendor’s API Key units Set the number of usage units to attribute to this subscription for the current subscription period. This field can be negative if you wish to […]

PayKickstart WhiteHat Program

PayKickstart offers a WhiteHat program for developers/researchers to report security vulnerabilities they discover and properly disclose with the PayKickstart to help maintain the integrity of the platform while rewarding developers for their contributions.

Enabling Usage-Based Billing for Recurring products.

For Premium Plan Vendor’s Vendors selling recurring priced products have the ability to enable usage-based billing to charge customers overage fees if they go over their allotted usage amount in the billing period. After sending the API calls with the unit usage data, PayKickstart will store all usage information for […]

In App Dunning

For Premium vendors with Developer/API knowledge.  With the ever-growing bombardment of daily emails and text messages, customers sometimes miss important notifications if they are not directly in front of them to take action.  The In-App Notification Widget is a great dunning tool to send your customers important purchase-related notifications inside […]

MailerLite Integration

This article will cover how to integrate MailerLite to your PayKickstart account and specific products to add customers to MailerLite email lists based on related action events. 🎉You have connected MailerLite at the platform level 🎉 🥳 Now you can connect MailerLite to specific products.  *Note: Vendors can pass custom checkout […]

Cancellation Saver

For Premium vendors with Developer/API knowledge.  PayKickstart vendors are able to create and use a cancellation saver widget to show for customers attempting to cancel their subscriptions and also view feedback reasons related to the cancellation attempts. Please Note: This feature requires the use of our API to obtain the […]

Platform settings

The vendor platform settings contain some of your settings that have a platform-wide effect. Domain: This option allows you to add a domain name to your affiliate links to show your brand domain on affiliate links instead of the default domain. To learn more about using the domain short […]

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns can be considered as a folder that holds related products such as products for the same company or pricing plan options. Campaigns will hold your related products and those products will use information from your campaign such as affiliate commission percentages, support contact information, logos, payment gateways and more. […]

Up/Downgrade Subscription

Example Request Example Response This POST request changes a subscription by activating the new subscription first, then cancelling the current subscription. ARGUMENTS auth_token The Paykickstart vendor’s API Key invoice_id The unique Paykickstart purchase ID product_id The new product with which subscription should now be associated. charge_date The next time the […]