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What is the Difference Between Lifetime vs Per-Campaign Affiliate Cookie Tracking

As a vendor you have a few different options for how to track affiliate commissions.

You can choose the Affiliate Tracking option by going to Configure > Platform Settings.

This setting is applied throughout your entire account and cannot be set on a per campaign basis.

  1. Lifetime Commission, per visitor basis – To receive lifetime commission, the purchase can be made by a past visitor referred by an affiliate to the Vendor’s products. (i.e. they’re not required to be a past customer).IE: The affiliate will only receive lifetime commissions for products purchased while the customer was inside the sales funnel.
  2. Lifetime Commission, per customer basis – To receive lifetime commission, the original purchase must be made by a customer using the affiliates link.  Note: Last affiliate cookie gets credit for all future charges.IE: The affiliate will receive lifetime commissions credit for all related purchases from that customer, until the customer used a different affiliate link to make another purchase.
  3. Commission, per campaign basis – No lifetime commissions awarded. Edit the commission structure for each individual campaign. the affiliate would receive credit for the purchase as long as they are approved to promote the related campaign and the customers web browser is cookied.

There are a few different ways that we connect an affiliate with a visitor/customer to ensure proper credit is given.

First, we drop a cookie on the visitor/customers browser.  Alternatively, we record the customers email address (after purchase) as a 3rd way of properly assigning credit to an affiliate for the referred visitor/sale (this is only used if the vendor has lifetime commissions set – per sale).

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