What is the Difference Between Lifetime vs Per-Campaign Affiliate Cookie Tracking

As a vendor you have a few different options for how to track affiliate commissions.  This setting is applied throughout your entire account and cannot be set on a per campaign basis.

  1. Lifetime Commission, per visitor basis – To receive lifetime commission, the purchase can be made by a past visitor referred by an affiliate to the Vendor’s products. (i.e. they’re not required to be a past customer).
  2. Lifetime Commission, per customer basis – To receive lifetime commission, the original purchase must be made by a customer using the affiliates link.  Note: Last affiliate cookie gets credit for all future charges.
  3. Commission, per campaign basis – No lifetime commissions awarded. Edit the commission structure for each individual campaign.

There are a few different ways that we connect an affiliate with a visitor/customer to ensure proper credit is given.

First, we drop a cookie on the visitor/customers browser.  Alternatively, we record the customers email address (after purchase) as a 3rd way of properly assigning credit to an affiliate for the referred visitor/sale (this is only used if the vendor has lifetime commissions set – per sale).

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