Integrating the PayKickstart Licensing System

Available with Professional and Premium vendor plans.

PayKickstart offers a built-in licensing system that will issue a license key to your customers to activate an application.  This is a great way to help secure your software, ensuring that only paying customers are using your app.

Step 1: To utilize this feature, you will need to click on “Campaigns” then locate the specific “product” you want to add the license system to and click the “Edit

Step 2: Enable Licensing and specify the number of license keys to send to the customer.  For example, if you have a desktop app and want the user to be able to install/activate the software on up to 3 computers, you would issue them 3 license keys.

Step 3: Using our API documentation, you will need to integrate our Licensing system with your software.   This will allow you to mark a license key Registered upon activating your software on their computer, Disable a license key(s) upon cancellation/refund and also display a customers license key in a members area of your choice.  Note, we automatically add a customers license key to the Default Thank You page and receipt email.

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Step 4: The license keys will automatically be created upon purchase of the product.  To manage license keys you will click on “Campaigns” >> “Licensing”.   This area is used to override license key statuses.

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