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How to Update Customer Payment/Billing Details

Many times customers need to update or change their billing/payment details or method.  Now vendors can generate a secure “Update Payment” URL and provide it to their customers.

Here is how you do it…

Step 1: Inside your vendor account, click on Payments >> Subscriptions.

Then find the subscription the customer is looking to update.  Click on the Details icon.

Step 2: Click the “Generate” button to have PayKickstart generate the unique update URL if there is not a populated link already.

Step 3:

Provide the generated Update Billing URL to your customer.  The customer will see an update page, similar to this, with their current Subscription details and the ability to update their payment details.

Note: The customer will only see the payment options (PayPal and/or Credit Card) you have active in your related campaign.

Updated on October 10, 2021

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