Pausing Subscriptions

There are various reasons vendors and customers may want to pause a recurring subscription rather than fully cancel.

Below are instructions to allow vendors to manually pause subscriptions as well as enable billing portal self-serve options to pause billing as well.

Paused Subscriptions will show in your Subscriptions dashboard with a filter status of “Paused”

Subscription paused and unpaused events will also be an available event with our IPN.

There are currently no API calls for pausing and unpausing subscriptions. If your development team needs API calls for pausing/unpausing, please submit a feature request here.

Email notifications for the “Subscription Unpaused” and the reminder “Subscription Unpausing Soon” events are now editable and can be enabled or disabled for sending out to customers in your Campaign settings. To find out more about editing transactional emails, click here.

Updated on December 13, 2021

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