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Transferring Subscriptions from PayKickstart to Stripe

While there countless reasons and benefits as to why PayKickstart manages the subscription, as opposed to the payment gateway, we understand that vendors like to have the assurance that if they ever do decide to leave PayKickstart (tear) they will be able to keep their customers subscriptions/rebills going.

So to the question of “Can I transfer my subscription from PayKickstart to Stripe?”

The short answer is Yes.

Each payment profile and secure token is stored inside of your Stripe account.  Also, you would need to do is have a developer map the subscription information from PayKickstart over to Stripe via their API.

Here are the steps…

Step 1:  Go to Payments >> Subscriptions in PayKickstart (https://app.paykickstart.com/admin/subscriptions)

I assume you are going to want to export only the “Active” subscriptions, so you can filter by “Created(Active)” and set the custom filter date to before you began selling the product,  then Export the list to a CSV.
You will notice in the CSV the customer details, subscription details, and Stripe token ID.

Step 2:  Go to the Stripe API Docs >> Creating a Subscription (https://stripe.com/docs/api#create_subscription)

Follow the instructions provided by Stripe to create the subscriptions inside of your Stripe account.  Make sure you create a subscription “item” in Stripe first, which includes the pricing rules (like amount, frequency etc).

Relevant References:

Note:  You may need to use the prorate argument to ensure the next charge date is correct depending on how many unused days are left in their current subscription day/week/month/year.

Step 3: Cancelling Subscriptions in PayKickstart

Once you have successfully migrated and created the new subscription profiles in Stripe, you will want to ensure that PayKickstart stops charging the customer, since you are now using Stripe to charge the rebills.

To do this, cancel the subscriptions via our API (https://docs.paykickstart.com/#subscription-cancel-subscription-cancel-subscription) and make sure you do not fire events.  Not firing the events will ensure any 3rd party integrations don’t fire and accidentally cancel access.

That’s it!

Now your subscriptions will be fully managed inside of your Stripe account.

Updated on June 22, 2022

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