ProfitWell Integration

Using our ProfitWell integration, you can pass PayKickstart sales information directly into your ProfitWell account.

This will allow vendors to have additional advanced reporting metrics on top of the reports PayKickstart provides.

You can view the Profitwell API documentation to see what types of analytic data you will have access to:

To integrate ProfitWell with your PayKickstart account, follow these instructions:


#1 Only recurring subscription products will be passed to Profitwell. Single pay transactions and split-payments will NOT pass to Profitwell.

#2 The product must exist in PK to pass data to Profitwell. If the related product is deleted, PK will no longer send additional data to Profitwell for related subscriptions.

Step 1:

In your ProfitWell account, go to Settings > Integrations and select "ProfitWell API"

Step 2:

Copy the API TOKEN from ProfitWell

Step 3:

In your PayKickstart account go to Configure> Integrations > Analytics section and click "Add Analytic Service"

Step 4:

Select and enter the ProfitWell information.

  • Name: For your display purposes.
  • API Token: This is the API Token code you copied from ProfitWell earlier.

Step 5:

Click "Connect + Start Sync"

After connecting and you will see the integration show a "sync in progress" status. Once the sync is complete, this status will change to Synced and you will also receive an email confirming the sync completion.

Once the sync is complete data will now be sent from PayKickstart to your ProfitWell account.


  • The initial data sync with Profitwell is a 2 part process. PK will send all data to Profitwell, then Profitwell will process all the data. If you have large amounts of data, the full sync may take 24-48 hours.
  • Only live transaction and subscription data will be sent to ProfitWell. Test data will not be passed via the integration

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