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PayKickstart Vendor Compliance Guide

PayKickstart has created the following guide for vendors to follow to ensure the products they are selling meet our compliance requirements.


    • Use Truthful Sales Copy: Ensure your sales and checkout pages are listing correct prices and have clear and accurate sales copy.  You want your sales and checkout pages to clearly highlight exactly what the customer is purchasing from you.


    • Offer Valid Support Contact Info: Nothing upsets a customer more than not being able to have contact with a company they purchased from. Use a valid support website, email and phone number to allow customers to get in touch if they need. Being responsive to customer questions and concerns always helps to build better customer rapport.


    • Use Truthful Testimonials: If you offer testimonials for your products, please ensure the testimonial is legitimate and all statements in the testimonials match your product offering.


    • Offer A Clear Refund policy: Ensure your refund policy is easily accessible for customers to review if needed. The policy should highlight the exact terms and conditions you offer regarding refunds for refunds.


    • Add A Terms Of Service Checkbox: Although it is not required, we encourage all vendors to add a legal check box to their products to require the customer to click and confirm the TOS before purchasing. You can learn more about using a legal checkbox here


    • Offer HelpFul and Responsive Customer Support: Take pride in your customer experience! If customers feel that they are not fully supported in a timely manner by a product or service they will find another that does offer better support. Offering fast helpful support is an easy way to turn a customer into an advocate for the company.


    • Ensure You Are Selling A High-Quality Product:  Selling poor quality products make more problems than money. Take pride in your product! Make sure the product is set up and running smoothly from landing page purchase and delivery to customer use and even cancellation options if applicable.


    • Do Not Use Misleading Sales Copy:  Your website and checkouts should be honest and clearly highlight what the customer is purchasing from you. If your sales page includes deceptive wording or is designed to mislead a customer, then your product is likely not in compliance with the FTC’s rules and could be terminated.


    • Do Not Sell Other Vendor’s Products As Your Own Unless Authorized By The Original Vendor:  If you are selling another vendors products as your own without consent from the main vendor your account may be terminated.


    • Do Not Advertise Fake “Purchase Proof”: If you use any form of advertising showing other customers purchasing, please ensure this data being used is from real customers.



    • Do Not Advertise False “Earning” Claims: Clearly highlight to customers and affiliates that “Earnings” may vary. Do Not intentionally exaggerate the possible “earnings” amount that can be made with your product.


  • Do Not intentionally prevent affiliates from getting credit for related sales:  If you allow affiliates to promote your products, do not try to force their credit to another affiliate that did not make the sale or prevent the original affiliate from being credited for the deserved sale in any way.  Fraudulent activities like this hurt your reputation as a vendor.

If you have any questions about ensuring your products are compliant please contact our support team via chat or email and we would be happy to assist with your questions.

Updated on June 7, 2021

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