Integrating with 3rd Party Platforms for Transactional Email Notification Delivery

PayKickstart offers vendors the ability to integrate transactional email notifications with the following platforms to use their own email services and deliver email notifications via their own domains:

  • Amazon SES
  • Raw SMTP services

Amazon SES(recommended)

Amazon Simple Email Service(SES) Account Required

Amazon Simple Email Service is a well-respected email platform that provides an easy, cost-effective way for you to send transactional emails using your own email addresses and domains via API actions.

Amazon SES includes features such as content filtering technologies, dedicated IP addresses, and a reputation dashboard help protect and enhance your sender reputation. Maintaining a good reputation ensures that your messages reach your customers' inboxes.

Vendors can use Amazon SES to send PayKickstart transactional emails from their own domains.

Click Here To Integrate With Amazon SES


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP for short), is used to send emails from a mail client to a mail server. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another. The emails can then be obtained with an e-mail server using either POP or IMAP.

In simple terms, SMTP is used to send emails to another email server for handling.

Vendors can use SMTP to send PayKickstart transactional emails from their own domains.

NOTE: If you choose to handle the transactional emails via SMTP, PayKickstart cannot guarantee the deliverability of all email notifications.

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Helpful Tip: 
 MXToolBox is a great resource for monitoring the health of your domain.

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