Integrating Braintree to Accept Payments

Integrating Your Braintree Account To Accept Customer Payments.

Step 1:

In the top right menu drop-down select Integrations.

Step 2:

Go to the payment integrations tab and select “Add a payment gateway“.

Step 3:

Select Braintree, enter the following details and click Connect.

  • Account Name: For display purposes
  • Base Currency: This must match the base currency the Braintree account accepts.
  • Webhook URL(optional): If you want to send transactional data back to your Braintree account you can use the webhook option to fire the webhook data after a transaction action.
    • Copy the webhook from the integration section and got to Braintree > API > Webhooks to create the webhook.
  • 3D Secure verification(optional): The 3ds is an additional checkout security validation through Braintree.
    • If you want to enable this option, you will first need to Contact Braintree to ensure the 3ds option is enabled with your Braintree account.
    • After enabling 3ds the customer will see an additional security block before completing the purchase.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The 3ds security box is created by Braintree and cannot be edited at this time.
    • To learn more about Braintree 3d Secure Verification click here.
  • Private Key: See below
  • Public Key: See below

To gather the remaining account details, login to you Braintree Control Panel.

1.  Navigate to Settings > API

2.  Under API section you can view the Publick and Private API Keys and the Merchant ID and Merchant account ID.

If no API keys appear, click Generate New API Key


  • Merchant ID: See below
  • Merchant Account ID: See below
  1. To find the Merchant ID and Merchant Account ID go to Settings > Business.

  • After entering all needed details, click connect to save the integration at the platform level.

You can then connect the payment gateway on the campaign level for all products in that campaign to use for purchase charges.

Step 4:

The next step will be Enabling Braintree for campaigns and the products in those campaigns.

Select the specific campaign settings

Enable Braintree and select the specific Braintree account.

Step 5 :

Save the campaign settings.

Customers will now be able to purchase via credit card for the products in the related campaign.

Enabling Braintree to accept Paypal payments

If you want to use Braintree to accept Paypal payments, you have to enable that option inside of your Braintree account before Paykickstart can process Paypal payments through Braintree for you. Please follow the instructions in their documentation to do this.



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