How Are Delayed Commissions Handled?

Delayed commissions are commissions earned by an affiliate of which you have marked that affiliate on “delayed commissions” when they requested to promote your product OR any transaction that did not use the Paypal Adaptive API.

Delayed payments need to be manually paid out by the vendor.  We recognize any delayed payment inside the refund period as “pending” and any delayed payment outside of the refund period as “available”.

You can release delayed commissions by going under the Vendor navigation and selecting Affiliate >> Payouts.

If the customer paid using the Paypal Adaptive API, you can simple release the payment and it will release the payment to your affiliate.  If it is anything other than Paypal, you will need to either send payment via a Paypal Mass Payment OR another manual means (check, wire, payoneer, etc…).  Once you process a manual commission, your affiliate will be notified and will be reflected inside of their account.

Affiliate Commission – Status Explanation:

  • Paid = Have already been paid to the affiliate
  • Delayed = Have been credited to the affiliate, but not paid out.  Affiliates put on delayed commissions and customer using Paypal to purchase.
  • Manual = Have been credited to the affiliate, but not paid out.  Affiliates put on instant or delayed commissions and customer using a non-paypal form of payment (credit card)

Note: Each vendor is responsible for releasing any delayed/pending commissions to their affiliates.  Most vendors pay these commissions out after the refund period.  If you have any questions, please contact the vendor directly.

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