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How to Enable a Duplicate Purchase Warning or Block

PayKickstart has built-in features to avoid customers from purchasing a product twice.

When a customer enters their email address, PayKickstart will check to see if they already purchased this product before.  If the customer has purchased the product before, PayKiskctart will show a duplicate purchase warning or block depending on your settings.

Enabling Duplicate Purchase Warning or Block.

Step 1: Locate the campaign you want to set this warning or purchase block with and access the related campaign settings.

Step 2: Inside the specific campaign settings, locate the duplicate purchase field and enable “Warning” or “Block”

Warning pop-up:

The warning option will warn customers they have purchased the product in the past but can purchase again if they would like.

Block Purchase pop-up:

Vendors also have the ability to completely block the duplicate purchase of the product if needed. Vendors can also add a message and set a time length(in minutes) for how long they want to block the duplicate product purchase for customers.


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