Using Custom Thank You Pages

Vendors have the ability to use 1 custom thank you page for each sales funnel if they do not want to use the default thank you page.

This is helpful if you have a custom page you want to send the customer to after completing the sales funnel.

Step 1:

Locate the sales funnel you want to use the custom thank you page with and select the funnel settings.

Step 2:

In the left side funnel settings, change the thank you page from default to custom.




You have the ability to send the funnel transaction data to any custom thank you page in the form of a POST. You will receive that data in a multi-dimentional array 2 levels deep, with the second level made up of arrays with the same structure as the IPN, which can we found in our API documentation here.

NOTE: You must have support for POST requests on the custom thank you page or this will cause the thank you page to show an error.  If you cannot support POST requests on the custom thank you page, do not enable this option.


Step 4:

Now that you have set up your custom thank you page settings for the funnel you can save the funnel and customer will be taken to this custom thank you page after completing the sales funnel.

Repeat these steps for each sales funnel you would like to add a custom thank you page.

After setting up the custom thank you page all customer who complete the sales funnel will be directed to this custom page.

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