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Creating a Tax Profile / Charging Sales, VAT, & other Taxes

PayKickstart offers a few different ways to charge a sales or VAT tax to your customers.

#1. Our Taxamo Integration (learn more)

#2. PayKickstart Integration Tax System

Tax Profile Types:


You have the ability to choose the address that would be used for calculating the customer’s tax for Default VAT Tax, Canadian Tax, and Custom tax profiles.

For products where both the Billing and the Shipping address are disabled for collection, the tax would then be calculated based on the customer’s current IP location.

Please note that the product must have the option to collect the Billing Address and/or Shipping address enabled, based on the tax choice selected for your tax profile in order for their tax to be based on the Billing or Shipping address.

The Billing and Shipping collection can be enabled at Step 2 – “Checkout Page” of each of your product’s settings.


After you have created your Tax Profile(s), go to Campaigns >> Edit Product settings and select the tax profile you would like to apply to that product.

Multiple tax profiles can be selected on the same product to accommodate customers and tax requirements in multiple countries. Customers will subject to the specific tax profile based on their location.

  1. Tax allows multiple selections for PK (ONLY) tax service profiles.
  2. You cannot choose taxamo tax profile and PK tax profile in same time
  3. You cannot choose tax profiles with same countries. Only 1 tax profile per related country.

If you would like to capture the customer’s VAT Tax ID to help with tax compliance, you can go to Campaigns >> Edit Product settings.

When you enable VAT tax on your checkout pages, we now offer real-time VAT number validation, for when the customer enters a valid VAT #, then VAT is not charged at checkout.

In the “Collect Tax” settings you will first Enable Tax, then Enable VAT ID.

This will enable both the VAT Tax ID and Company Name fields on the checkout page.

Tax will show on checkout pages similar to this screenshot below.

If VAT is enabled, you can find the customer’s VAT Tax ID and Company Name under the “Customer Details” section of the Transaction Details modal.

*NOTE: With both our internal Vat system and the integration with Taxamo, you have the ability to not charge the customer if they provide a VAT ID.

*NOTE: If related to a subscription, PK will validate the related tax before each customer subscription billing.

Updated on December 13, 2021

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