Creating a Tax Profile / Charging Sales, VAT, & Tax

PayKickstart offers a few different ways to charge a sales or VAT tax to your customers.

#1. Our Taxamo Integration (learn more)

#2. PayKickstart Integration Tax System

PayKickstart offers a way to charge a tax to your customers without having to use a 3rd party tax integration. To use our internal tax system go to Campaigns >> Tax Profiles.

You will see three “Default” tax profiles. US, Canadian and European Union tax profiles.

  • Sales Tax will charge the SAME percentage to every customer (regardless of their location). If you use our default sales tax profile, we will automatically charge by default your local states tax rate (specified in My Profile section – for US vendors only). You can always create your own custom sales tax profile and charge any percentage you would like.
  • VAT Tax will be dynamic based and charge a customer based on their IP Address or Country they specify on the checkout page. Our default VAT Tax profile is updated every month with the most recent Tax rates per EU country. You alternatively can create a custom profile and specify any tax percentage you would like for any country you would like.
  • When you enable VAT tax on your checkout pages, we offer real-time VAT number validation, for when the customer enters a valid VAT #, then VAT is not charged at checkout.

To create a new Tax Profile, click on New Profile. Then give it a unique name and select if you want to charge a Sales Tax or VAT Tax.

If you select Sales Tax, you will want to specify the tax % that every customer will be charged at checkout.

If you select Canadian Tax, you can enable/disable which provinces you would like to apply a tax to.

If you select VAT Tax, you can enable/disable which countries you would like to apply a tax to.

You may also click the “Add Country” button if you would like to charge customers from any specific Country a specific tax.

After you have created your Tax Profile(s), go to Campaigns >> Edit Product settings and select the tax profile you would like to apply to that product.

It will look something like this on your Checkout page.

*NOTE: With both our internal Vat system and the integration with Taxamo, you have the ability to not charge the customer if they provide a VAT ID.

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