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Creating a Checkout Page without Creating a Funnel

Some vendors are looking for just a quick and easy way for their customers to purchase their product or service.  This is great if you don’t plan on offering any upsells or have a specific sales funnel path that you want your customers to go through after purchasing the initial offer/product.

There is a way to quickly grab a checkout URL for any product, without having to create a funnel.

Go to Campaigns > Edit Product, then go to “Checkout Page” settings.  There you can hover over the Checkout ID and grab that encrypted ID.

Append that ID to  https://app.paykickstart.com/checkout/plan/[encrypted ID]

ie: https://app.paykickstart.com/checkout/plan/eyoho2og40dno2n

And thats it.  You now have a checkout URL that can be used for your customers to purchase your product or service.

Updated on June 7, 2021

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