Adding a CNAME Record: Adding a Custom Affiliate Link/Short URL

Setting up a CNAME record will allow you to create a custom affiliate tracking link URL for PayKickstart.

From your Paykickstart Vendor account, from the Configure menu, click on Platform Settings. Under Domain settings, you have the option to define your own affiliate URL.

After adding a CNAME or A Record, your affiliate links can be branded to your domain.

PLEASE NOTE: If you encounter issues with a Cname or Arecord not functioning properly, please contact your domain host to troubleshoot as PayKickstart has no control over the domain other than connecting to it and using it as a branded host for affiliate links.

Create a CNAME Entry:

If you want to use a subdomain, of an existing domain you have as your “Short URL” in paykickstart, you need to create a CNAME record in your DNS settings for that domain. The following settings should be entered.

Name: The name you’ll be using for this subdomain e.g. (bolded part)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using CloudFare hosting please set the CNAME as "DNS ONLY".

Using a "Proxied" CNAME will not validate the record.

Create an A Record Entry:

If you’ve purchased a new domain and want to use it as your Paykickstart Short URL, you will need to create an A record your domain’s DNS manager. You should use these values:

Host: A Record
TTL: 600

NOTE: PayKickstart will provide a free SSL certificate for branded affiliate links.

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