ShipStation Integration

With our ShipStation integration, you are able to automatically pass the customer details to ShipStation at the point of sale – allowing ShipStation to fulfill and ship the order to your customer automatically.

Here are the steps to integrate ShipStation with your PayKickstart account:

Step 1: Create a ShipStation Account

Step 2: Login to Your ShipStation Account

Step 3: Locate your API Keys in your ShipStation account

Step 4: Go to the Integrations page, click on the Fulfillment sub-menu item, then click the Add Integration button.  Give it a unique name to identify the integration, add the API Key and Secret Key provided by ShipStation and select your country.

Step 5: Go to the Edit Product page (found on the Campaigns page >> Edit Product icon) and go to (section 3) Integration.  Then Enable Fulfillment Integration and select the ShipStation integration you just added.

Step 6: On that Edit Product page, go to (section 2) Checkout Page and enable “Capture Shipping Address” in the Checkout fields area, then set the shipping details you would like

That’s it!  You are ready to go.

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