MailerLite Integration

This article will cover how to integrate MailerLite to your PayKickstart account and specific products to add customers to MailerLite email lists based on related action events.

Step 1:

In your Vendor Dashboard, access the Configure menu and select ‘Integrations’.

Step 2:

First, you’ll need to integrate MailerLite on the platform level.
To do so, click on ‘Auto Responder’ at the top of this page, then, Click ‘Add an Email Integration’.

Step 3:

Choose ‘MailerLite’ on the drop-down menu for ‘Email Services Available’.

Enter an account name(for your dislay purposes), and API key and click ‘Connect’.

To Find your MailerLite API Key: Go to MailerLite Account → Integration

Inside the MailerLite Integration section click on the “Use“ button for the Delveoper API section.

Then copy your API Key.

After adding the API Key to the PayKickstart settings click "Connect" and PayKickstart will use the API key to create the platform level integration connection.

🎉You have connected MailerLite at the platform level 🎉
Now you can connect MailerLite to specific products. 

Step 4:

Go to ‘Campaigns’ on the left sidebar of your dashboard.

Here, you’ll see your campaigns listed.

Choose the campaign and PRODUCT that you want to integrate MailerLite with and select “edit product settings“.

Step 5:

In the Product settings, select Step 3 (Integrations) to open up your integrations information.

Step 6:

In the product settings(integration section), please enable the email integration field.

Step 7:

If you’ve correctly integrated with the main area (steps 1-6 in this tutorial), then you can now select ‘MailerLite’ in the Email Integrations.

  • Choose ‘MailerLite’ as your email service.
  • Select your account under ‘Accounts
  • Select the list you want for this product under ‘lists’. Lists are optional and not required to add the customer to the MailerLite account.
  • MailerLite does not currently allow for tagging options.

*NOTE: You may have a list for every one of your products, so you’d want to choose the list associated with the product in this particular campaign.

*Note: Vendors can pass custom checkout fields they have added to their checkout pages, to their email auto-responder (as long as the email service supports it).

Now, when a customer purchases your product, they’ll automatically be added to the related MailerLite account and the list you’ve chosen.

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