Integrating with AWeber

In this tutorial, learn how to integrate with AWeber autoresponder service using PayKickstart’s API integration.

Step 1: Log into your PayKickstart App

Step 2: In your Vendor Dashboard, click the dropdown box at the top, right-hand portion of your page where your name and profile image is located. In the dropdown, select ‘Integrations’.

First, you’ll need to integrate Aweber on the Email Integrations here.  Then later, you will connect it to your product.

Step 3: Click on ‘Email’ at the top of this page.


Step 4: Click ‘Add Email Integration’.

Step 5: Choose ‘AWeber’ on the dropdown menu for ‘Email Services Available’.

Step 6: Enter a name for your AWeber account.  Then click CONNECT.

Note:  This is only for display purposes inside of your PayKickstart account.  You can connect multiple Aweber accounts if needed.

Step 7: You’ll be redirected to Aweber where you will need to login and connect to PayKickstart.  Follow the instructions on that Aweber page.

Once you’re connected, you’ll be taken back to PayKickstart.   Then, you’ll need to integrate each product to Aweber, and choose the list you would like to add your customers to.

Step 8:   To Edit your product, Click Campaigns > Campaigns.   From here, you will see your campaigns.  Click the “Products” dropdown and locate your product that you’re want to integrate with Aweber.

Click the “Edit” icon to edit that product.

Note:  if you don’t have a product added to PayKickstart yet, follow these steps.

Step 9: On the Edit Product page, scroll down to locate “Integrations”.

Click Integrations, and from here locate “Email Integration”.


Step 10: Click “Email Service” dropdown and locate “Aweber”.  

After connecting here, it will load the account(s) that you created on Step #5 above.   Select the Account.  

Then, it will load the lists that you have set up inside of your Aweber account.   Choose the correct list.

After you’re finished, be sure to SAVE your changes.

Now, when a customer purchases that product, they will automatically be added to the Aweber list that you chose.

Note:  You can also add subscribers to a list upon Failed Transactions, if you wish to follow up with them individually. 

Also there is an API limitation of 120 request in min.


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