Integrating WebinarJam




You can now automatically register someone for a WebinarJam powered webinar upon purchase.

Follow the instructions below to integrate your WebinarJam account with PayKickstart.

Step 1:  Login to your WebinarJam account and grab the API key. You will find it on the “Integrations” step when creating a new webinar.

You can find a step-by-step guide here: Where do I find my WebinarJam API Key?

Step 2: In your PayKickstart account, go to the integrations section.

Go to the Webinar tab and click “Add Integration“.  Choose WebinarJam as the service and enter an account name (for display purchases) and the API key provided by WebinarJam.


Note: Select the correct version of WebinarJam that you are using.

Step 3: To automatically register a new customer to a webinar, you need to go to the Edit Product settings(Section 3) under Webinar Integration, you will select WebinarJam as the webinar service and then select the specific webinar they should be added to.

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