Integrating Thinkific

This tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating Thinkific membership service to your campaign and products.


The Thinkific public API is only available with the Growth and Premier Thinkific Plans:

Step 1: In your PayKickstart dashboard via the app, click on ‘Campaigns’ in the left-hand side-bar. You will be taken to the campaign section where you can choose the campaign you would like to integrate with. Once located, select the blue edit campaign button.


Step 2: In the ‘Campaign settings’, please scroll down until you see ‘Membership Service’

Click to enable the Membership integration.

Step 3: Select Thinkific and enter the Subdomain and API Key

  • Grab your Thinkific API Key and Subdomain.

You have now integrated Thinkific on a campaign level and can now add the integration to specific products.

Step 3: In PayKickstart >> Product settings, go to Integrations and enable Membership Integration.  Then select the Thinkific integration and the “Level/Course” the customer should be added to for that product purchase.

Optional: If you are working with Thinkific Bundles, you can add a bundle ID to link to the purchase of the product.



Optional: Vendors using Thinkific’s bundle options are also able to integrate the product using Thinkific bundles if needed. 

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