Integrating Optimize Member(OptimizePress)

This tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating Optimize Member membership services to your campaign and products to easily create customer membership accounts after purchase.

Step 1: In your PayKickstart dashboard, click on ‘campaigns’ in the left-hand side-bar.


Step 2: Select the campaign for which you would like to add a membership integration, and press the ‘edit’ icon on the right-hand side.


Step 3: When you open up the campaign you’ve selected, scroll to the bottom section titled ‘Membership Integration’, and you’ll see a subheading labeled ‘Membership Service’.

Step 4: Click the drop-down box for Membership Service and select ‘Optimize Member’ as your service to integrate.

Step 5: A new information box will pop up under your selected service asking for additional information. For Optimize Member, you’ll need Optimize Member URL and API Key.


To find your API Key, go to OptimizeMember > API / Scripting > Pro API For Remote Operations. From this section, you need to copy the secret API Key.


Step 6: Once you’ve entered the correct information in your PayKickstart Campaign to integrate Optimize Member, press ‘Save’.

Step 7: You may now link and enable a product in that PayKickstart campaign to your Optimize Member site by selecting it from the Membership Integration options available while editing the products settings.

Go to the “Edit Product” screen (for each product you have in PayKickstart)


Step 8: In section 3(integrations), enter the “Optimize Member level” which the product should be associated to.

The levels are indicated in Optimize Member here:

Step 8b(optional): Optionally you can add a “Package” if you would like.


Step 9: Then map it in PayKickstart (Product Settings) and select save.


Now, your campaign and products will be integrated with Optimize Member to automatically add customers to a membership level/plan upon purchase.

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