Integrating Easy Pay Direct


Integrating PayKickstart with Easy Pay Direct for payment processing is easy.

IMPORTANT: You must have a EPD account and have the Customer Vault enabled.

WARNING! Altering your EPD API keys after the connection with Payickstart has been made is strongly discouraged!

After integrating with EPD, changing your API keys in Stripe would prevent our system from being able to contact EPD to attempt rebills for any existing subscriptions before the EPD API key was changed.

If you change the API keys, then existing subscriptions created prior to the change will need to update their billing via the billing portal in order to connect with the new EPD API key and continue the subscription billings.

Step 1:

Login to your PayKickstart account.  Access the Configure menu and go to "Integrations" >> "Payments".

Step 2:

Select EasyPayDirect and enter the required fields:

  • Account Name: For your display purposes.
  • Base Currency: The default currency you will accept payments in for the gateway.
  • Login: EasyPayDirect user login
  • Password: EasyPayDirect password
  • API Key: Follow the steps below.
  • Public Security Key: Watch the video example in the blur help icon to obtain your security key from EPD.

To obtain API Key: 
1. Login to EasyPayDirect and click on My Settings --> Security Keys.
2.  Go to "Create a new security key", set the "source" of the key as API , then generate a key and copy it.
3. Return to the EPD integration on PayKickstart and enter the KEY, then click "Connect".

Step 3:

The next step will be Enabling EasyPayDirect for campaigns if you choose to take EasyPayDirect as a payment option for those particular products in the campaign.

  • Enable EasyPayDirect and select the specific Stripe account.

 Now save the campaign settings and you are ready to accept customer payment using EasyPayDirect.


Before you can process in certain currencies, you MUST  first be approved by EPD for that currency.


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