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Displaying the Affiliate ID in the Landing Page URL

Adding the affiliate ID into the landing page URL is a great way to customize a page dynamically, so the content is tailored for that visitor.

All you need to do is include the [aff_id] shortcode in the URL.


  • http://[aff_id]


Process would work this way:
1: Affiliate link is clicked and the affiliate cookie is dropped.
2: When Paykickstart redirects to your landing page, it’ll replace [aff_id] with the affiliate id in the cookie (or blank if no cookie is set)
3: You can then grab this affiliate ID from the URL via a POST script created on your landing page to then store in your server for later use.
3B(optional): If using the API calls, attach to the affiliate_id request parameter for the related call. New Purchase, Up/Downgrade.

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