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How to Display a Customers License Keys on Any Page

Using our integrated licensing system, PayKickstart will issue a license key(s) to your customer, to activate your application.  We have created a licensing iframe

How to Configure:

  1. Download the source from this repository.
  2. Edit the index.php file, and add the following information.
    • Replace YourAPIKey with your Paykickstart API key, located in your Platform Settings.
    • Change the campaign id to your actual campaign id that you want to display license keys for.

How to Use:

You can now create an iframe in whichever file you’re using the license manager on with the source pointing to the index.php file, and include an email parameter which is your customer’s actual email address.

For Example:

<iframe width="100%" height="400px” src=”index.php?email=<insert-yourcustomers-email-address-here>” />

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