Adding an Order Bump to Your Checkout

For Professional and Premium Vendor Plans. 

Adding an order bump is a great way to increase the average transaction value of a customer.  An order bump will allow your customers the option to add an additional product to their cart before checking out.

For example: You are selling a physical book for $47.00 – you could add an order bump where the customer can add the digital version of the book for an additional $10.00, totally $57.00 when they finalize their order.


  • Order Bump products inherit affiliate commission and payment settings from the main product they are attached to.


  • Order Bumps can be used on checkout pages, checkout embed forms or checkout pop-up forms.

Here is how you setup an order bump in PayKickstart.

Step 1:  Make sure the product of which you want to use as your Order Bump is added as a product in at least one of your campaigns.

Step 2:  Click on “Funnels” then click the Manage icon to whichever funnel you are looking to add the order bump to.

Step 3: Inside of the funnel editor, click on the Link icon for whichever product you want to add the order bump to.

Step 4: Toggle the Order Bump to enable it, then choose the product you want to add as the order bump, give it a price and description.


If you want to allow the customer to select a quantity for the order bump you can enable the quantity feature on the order bump settings. 

That’s it!  Your order bump is now added automatically to your checkout.  It will look something like this once enabled.


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