Adding an Order Bump to Your Checkout Page

For Professional and Premium Vendor Plans. 

Adding an order bump is a great way to increase the average transaction value of a customer.  An order bump will allow your customers the option to add an additional product to their cart before checking out.

For example: You are selling a physical book for $47.00 – you could add an order bump where the customer can add the digital version of the book for an additional $10.00, totally $57.00 when they finalize their order.

Here is how you setup an order bump in PayKickstart.

Step 1:  Make sure the product of which you want to use as your Order Bump is added as a product in at least one of your campaigns.

Step 2:  Click on “Funnels” then click the Manage icon to whichever funnel you are looking to add the order bump to.

Step 3: Inside of the funnel editor, click on the Link icon for whichever product you want to add the order bump to.

Step 4: Toggle the Order Bump to enable it, then choose the product you want to add as the order bump, give it a price and description.

That’s it!  Your order bump is now added automatically to your checkout page.  It will look something like this once enabled.

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