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Using the Same Salespages Across Different Funnels

Many vendors encounter a scenario in which they need to create multiple funnels and only change the frontend product, but want to offer the same OTO’s from a different funnel. So instead of having to create a whole new funnel each time with new checkout links, and then having to duplicate your sales pages so you can override the landing page URLs in the new funnel and change the checkout links in the sales pages, the question was asked if you can just use the existing OTO sales pages with the new funnel.

The answer is YES it’ll work just fine, BUT there are some caveats you should be aware of:

  1. Unfortunately 1-click functionality will NOT work at the time when you switch funnel. In other words, 1-click upsell functionality cannot be “transferred” between funnels, so the customer will be asked to enter their details again when the funnel has switched. From that point on, if the customer successfully purchases and as long as the customer remains on that funnel, 1-click upsells will begin to function again for subsequent funnel purchases.
  2. Paykickstart’s default thank you page depends on the funnel to generate a thank you page which includes all the sales for that customer. Since you’ll be essentially “jumping” from one funnel to the other mid-streeam, the thankyou page will not be able to display all the products the customer purchased as it’ll only be aware of the products purchased in the frontend funnel. Therefore, you need to use a custom thank you page as Paykickstart cannot determine all the products purchased across different funnels.
  3. Your affiliates will get credited for commissions across the 2 funnels, ONLY IF
      1. Both funnels’ frontend products share the same campaign which the affiliate is approved for OR
      2. Your affiliate commission strucure is NOT set to “Commission, per Campaign basis” (see platform settings->affiliate settings)
  4. Visitor stats tracking (page impressions, uniques etc.) for affiliates will be affected, as affiliate links are based on specific funnels. So if an affiliate drives traffic via his link to your Funnel A, and then you switch to Funnel B for the OTO’s, the traffic that’s now going down Funnel B is no longer associated via the affiliate’s link. So an affiliate’s visitor tracking stats may be misleading, however the affiliate will still be credited with the sale (assuming point 2’s conditions are met). The net result is that the affiliate may not see impressions etc. but he’ll see sales being credited to him nonetheless.
Updated on June 7, 2021

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