Emails that do NOT say paykickstart
We need to remove the paykickstart stuff from the emails. Customers will be emailing YOU (support@paykickstart.com) when they receive the receipts. The emails must also be customizeable and we should have the choice to remove paykickstart logos, etc.

Matthew Markey shared this idea 26/01/17 21:49
Adam Lopez 05/01/18 22:55 flag comment
Really the difference why we can't use you.....
Jason Abraham 22/02/19 06:50 flag comment
Is there an ETA on this functionality? The emails from PKS are definitely confusing our people!
Paykickstart 11/03/19 20:28 flag comment
Completed: http://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/integrating-with-3rd-party-platforms-for-transactional-email-notification-delivery/