Include Company Name, VAT Nr., VAT % and VAT Amount in the API/IPN
In order for us to transfer info to our accounting software and be able to create invoices there, we need to be able to transfer all customer data, including the Company Name, the VAT number, the VAT % (different for each EU country) and the VAT amount, via API or IPN to our accounting software. Once we can do that, we can properly file VAT with VATMOSS and create invoices for our customers from within our accounting software. This is a very important feature that maybe should not be considered based on votes, but rather on it's own merit.

Christian Vermeulen shared this idea 02/01/19 10:19
Paykickstart 25/01/19 15:43 flag comment
Completed https://www.screencast.com/t/cCkntdRj See API Docs: https://support.paykickstart.com/api/