Send email notification for pending payment
Can you add an email notification option for pending payments / orders through SEPA? Otherwise it will take a week before we get notified of a sale using this method. You can use webhooks to listen for the charge.pending event: https://stripe.com/docs/api/events/types#event_types-charge.pending" Thanks Christian

christian@heartiq.com shared this idea 21/12/18 12:29
Paykickstart 07/01/19 14:55 flag comment
We plan on adding a new row on the "On Sale" email notification that gets sent to the vendor that will specify "Completed" or "Pending". So any pending transaction will send you an email notification.
This covers the notification towards the seller. Equally important (or maybe even more important) is the email to the customer with access info (particularly for digital products) as vendors may want to provide access while the transaction is still pending. I've created a separate feature request for this. Votes are appreciated :-)