Mention VAT included with future payments in checkout
This image will explain it all https://drive.google.com/open?id=1axoJOYH0hzrPaulSWRC5Rx1HyaI3B0GM During checkout, in the order summary, the ex VAT price is shown big (as it should, because VAT is added separately before showing the total transaction amount including VAT as it should), however, per product line, when mentioning future payments, the amount including VAT is shown (which makes sense). This could confuse buyers, as they may feel that future payments are higher. This is easily solved by inserting 'incl. VAT' as is shown in the image. PS: Please allow for attachments to be sent with a feature request submission (create attachment option in the submission form) Cheers, Chris

Christian Vermeulen shared this idea 18/12/18 13:08