I can not stress enough how important this is, as this is a legal requirement in the EU. So this is a "must have" feature. Not to be judged on number of votes. But on legal importance. A very important addition to the VAT update is to show the VAT on the customer invoice. This is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT in the EU. Now, this is not the case and can only be done manually in the invoice details section. However, this is not workable with hundreds or thousands of invoices that need to be sent. Implementation should be quite easy, as in the Database, all values needed are available. It would have to be in the "Official Receipt" area of the invoice. Now the order of info is: Transaction amount Payment date Payment method Payment ID Payment received The new order should be: Transaction amount EX VAT 37,00 € VAT % (i.e. 21%) 7,77 € Total amount including VAT 44,77 € Payment date Payment method Payment ID Payment received 44,77 € VAT can also be zero, when a business that is located in another EU country then the seller is located and has provided a valid VAT id. Again, that is a legal requirement to show this on the invoice.

Christian Vermeulen shared this idea 03/12/18 12:27
Paykickstart 03/12/18 13:31 flag comment
I 100% agree and we will be implementing this feature ASAP.