Vendor Traffic Stats Reporting
Would be great if we could have in Vendor > Reports, to have traffic stats reporting for Vendors so we can see a breakdown of all affiliates in a table. For example, JVZoo/WarriorPlus have stats reporting for sellers where we can see affiliate stats such as: Clicks/Visitors sent, amount of sales made, conversion rate, EPC, total amount earned etc. Currently there is no basic traffic stats reporting and it is very annoying not know what our affiliates are converting at, how much traffic they have sent for today, yesterday or any day period. This is a must have for Sellers as stats reporting is everything to know what our offer/product is converting at. Please get this basic traffic stats reporting added. The only way to know right now is I have to go and contact my affiliates to send me a screenshot of how much traffic they sent for the day, what conversion rate they're doing, how many sales they did etc.

CPA Kid shared this idea 05/09/18 10:43