Multiple plans on checkout
SamCart and ThriveCart both have this option, and it is great for selling subscriptions or other products. For example: Monthly subscription to produc X = $49 Yearly subscription to product X = $490 (Save 20%) So at the checkout page itself, people can choose if they'd like the monthly or yearly subscription. And then, if people select the monthly --> Funnel A (so we can upsell to yearly after all) If they choose yearly --> Funnel B (so we can sell a two-years subscription or whatever). I hope to see this feature added as we miss it already! Thanks for developing the app to the next stages! Regards, -=Gjermund Sivertsen=-

Gjermund Sivertsen shared this idea 10/12/17 22:16
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Will this also work in the funnel override settings? And will it also be possible to give the customer the choice between a subscription and a one time fee on the checkout page?